Philosophy at SUWS

At SUWS, we understand that adolescents often feel as though they are making the best decisions for their lives, however they often fall victim to overpowering emotions, peer pressure and a distorted self-image.

Student Testimonials

“I’ve never been so dirty on the outside and so clean on the inside.” – Justin, California, Age 15

“The first day I came, I was miserable. I took everything as a punishment. All I thought about was my friends at home and the day I’d get out of here. Slowly, I forgot about them and started thinking about myself. I learned things about myself that I never knew. Now I love it here. I have an incredible sense of openness and joy. I can’t stop smiling.” – Sarah, Virginia, Age 16

“My instructors were relatable, kind, great, intelligent leaders and really helped me grown and learn. I feel that I have grown more mature, stronger and more responsible. I stopped taking things for granted and that really can achieve greatness.” – Robin, Age 15

“The instructors knew what we were capable of and let us settle. They cared and gave great advice. My therapist was extremely relatable, sweet and goofy. She was really able to see through my “BS”. She was real and definitely cares about her students. I have more respect for myself and more confidence. I have a new mindset and a new appreciation for the simple things in my life. I’m hopeful about tomorrow and my success.” – Kay Leigh, Age 17

“I really appreciated the staffs compassion and passion for what they do. They were open and easy to talk to. I’ve grown to be more confident. I have a new set of beliefs that involve being more safe as well productive.” – Brittney, Age 16

“I found happiness without drugs. I have a new sense of motivation.” – Caroline, Age 14

“I don’t know how to explain it, but I did a complete 180!” – Jared, Age 14

Professional Testimonials

“What is noteworthy about SUWS is that they are in the business strictly to help the student and parents for a short-term stay. SUWS is excellent at breaking the present patterns, removing the child from his or her unhealthy environment, and breaking down the barriers of denial, resistance, and destructive behavior. SUWS does not pretend to be the only cure, but rather an important step in helping the child to receive help. The SUWS Program gives everyone time to plan the next step.” – Educational Consultant

“As a medical professional, I’ve seen lots of programs for teens, and I’ve heard lots of promises. SUWS is the only one I know of that truly makes a positive difference. I use SUWS not only as an intervention step, but I rely upon their staff for the insight to help me understand how best to help families make the healthiest choices for the long run.” – Adolescent Psychologist

SUWs of the Carolinas Levels

“The people at SUWS (Brandon Moffitt in particular) understand the problems and the challenges, especially for an adopted child. SUWS staff have the knowledge, experience and training to assist our son in developing a positive lifestyle for the future. Our son left SUWS more confident and with tools to help himself. Today, I only wish we knew about SUWS earlier.”

“I must admit I was skeptical whether the SUWS experience would achieve all that was claimed, so it was with some trepidation that we traveled to meet our daughter. What an incredible surprise! Her personality had turned from a rebellious, uncaring, self-destructive and non-compliant problem into a warm, caring, decent 14 year old child. For the first time in more than two years she hugged us with tears in her eyes and told us she loved us and really meant it. The work you do with children is incredible. You have my utmost respect and undying gratitude.”

“The therapists were excellent! They really helped us as much as they helped our son.”

“Unbelievable change for the better.”

“Our son’s ability to communicate with us through the letters improved and became less emotional & blaming.”

“The Trails End Program was excellent. It pushed my husband and I out of our comfort zones and we learned a lot about ourselves. It was amazing to watch my son show us the skills, talk to us calmly and thoughtfully. I really enjoyed the initiatives…even though some of them were really hard.”

“At every step of the way in the journey of our son, the SUWS staff was wonderful. All of our questions and concerns were answered in a clear and thoughtful manner. Bottom line…SUWS is absolutely amazing! To be honest, I was skeptical that my son could be influenced in such a positive way. While my son has gone off to boarding school, he was an absolute pleasure during Trails end & the transition to his new school. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The parent workshop was wonderful! Everything was great!!! The fields instructors, the therapists, everyone! Though the wilderness is a difficult place, the changes in our son are absolutely amazing. You all did a wonderful job!”

“Thank you for putting your heart and soul into helping these kids. Our son has a second chance because of you. Thank You!”

“We only have the highest praise for our son’s therapist. She was very approachable, sensitive, kind and completely professional. She was extraordinary at focusing and consolidating all of the information we needed to discuss in a 1 hour block of time each week. The calls were always very satisfying. Our son was able to communicate so well!”

“Our son learned to be in the moment and learned to truly express himself.”

“We were impressed by the fact that so many professionals were involved to maximize the likelihood for success. – i.e. the field supervisor, Family Program director, Family Resource Specialist, field instructors and the field medics. All very impressive. The transformation was amazing.”

“In our opinion, our sons therapist will turn out to be one of the most influential individuals to into his life. We can not express in words how truly grateful we are.”

“I could not have have asked for a more outstanding therapist. She immediately understood my daughters needs, and was always forthright about what needed to be done. She was fabulous!”

“We loved spending time with our daughter at the Trails End program and realizing how much more she valued our relationship, plus how much she had accomplished as far as acuiring both physical and emotional skills. We are eternally grateful for everyone’s professionalism and dedication to the children. I wish everyone who has a teenager going through difficulties could experience even half the transformation that we have.”

“Everyone was wonderful. Our daughter is back to be being the same daughter we used to know. I beautiful, intelligent, drug-free young woman.”

“We got our son back! You guys should be proud of all the great work you are doing to help troubled teens. Thank God for your program!”

“I believe the program as a whole, although experience was and is designed to place the child’s growth and development first. Initial connection to the program through the internet and contact with the Admissions team was the key to our decisions to sending our son to SUWS”

“Thank you for putting your heart and soul into helping these kids. Our son has a second chance because of you. Thank You!”

“We were impressed with every aspect of the program…the parent check-in website was excellent”

“Everyone was wonderful. Our daughter is back to be being the same daughter we used to know. I beautiful, intelligent, drug-free young woman.”

“The communication skills that my son learned from SUWS and the way he was able to express and handle his emotions was very impressive”

“The field instructors were the silent heroes in the process. How they related to Corey on a personal note, but were still so professional was amazing. Thank You!”

“We never felt alone during the process. From the application to Trails End; someone was always there for us. From the phone calls every Friday to all of the online resources. For 68 days…SUWS was there for my family”

“When I held Corey for the first time and I heard his first cry, as a parent I never imagined that I would go through something like we have. I never thought that he would become a teenager who found himself unable to deal with things and make bad choices. Then with him 15 yrs old, I found myself in front a computer-searching for solutions to my child’s depression and drug issues … only to become more confused and frustrated. I began calling around but not giving out too much information because I didn’t want many to know what I was going through … 1 was the only one with a child that had these issues. I would leave my computer to go into to check on him and find him with a look of loss in his eyes, becoming more distant, and unable to communicate with me. Then I would cry myself to sleep after pleading with God to help my son and give me directions. He answered my prayers by putting me into contact with two families that had similar experiences and both had sent their children to your program. As I sat in front of my computer and filled out the lengthy application, tears would fall down on my face and I would ask if there was not another solution. What else could I do to help my child … 1 was his mother! Then when Erin called and told me he was accepted, I sat again and wept and shook with fear and sadness. Erin was such a great “staff’ through this early process. She guided me and helped me see that we could not wait; we needed to get the help for Corey as soon as we can. He did not deserve to have to go through any more pain than he had.”

“I am a single mother of a now 17 year old daughter who has been enrolled in two SUWS of the Carolinas programs with tremendous success. Without the aid of these programs she would most likely be in jail and her life would be a terrible mess. The maturity and growth that my daughter has developed and is exhibiting is exciting and so encouraging! For the first time in her life she is experiencing real personal success in having true friendships and having positive interactions with other kids and staff members. It has definitely been a very positive and life saving experience for her one that will prepare her to move out into the world with the skill set she needs to cope positively.”

“The staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and led me through their program, to give me the comfort level I needed. The following day after meeting with our family and my son, he was willing to attend the program at SUWS. I knew then that he too, was reaching out for help and we all knew we couldn’t do it alone. The very first day he attended he bared his soul. In the coming weeks as hard as it was not to talk with him, the correspondence through letters, and the phone conference calls with the counselor were a gift to know we were on the right track. He was focused on expressing and finding answers to many of his troubled feelings. He had some set backs, but never gave up on working through the issues. And in return, we as a family worked on those issues with him.”

I went into this program scared out of my mind. At SUWS, I learned the tools I needed to work through my issues and I'm forever grateful.

– Anonymous Patient