Phoenix Expeditions

Our wilderness expeditions are well organized and are designed to take teens throughout pre-planned routes that have been approved in advance by the U.S. Forest Service.

During these expeditions, students and trained field instructors function as a self-sufficient unit and care for any and all needs of the group as a whole. They will receive state-of-the-art camping equipment including lightweight sleeping bags, ground mats, and internal frame backpacks. We have weatherproof clothing available for each season of the year, including hiking boots, rain gear, wool clothing and layers pieces. At Phoenix, we remain fully prepared to provide everything our students need in order to successfully complete our many wilderness expeditions.

Throughout the wilderness expeditions, students will be able to engage in cooking meals, going for hikes, setting up camp and participating in group sessions around the campfire. For all of these activities and more, our field staff ensures that students are safe at all times. They are certified in backcountry medicine, trained in risk management and have significant clinical experience in wilderness leadership. In addition, field instructors operate under strict safety protocols that help promote a safe and secure environment.

I went into this program scared out of my mind. At SUWS, I learned the tools I needed to work through my issues and I'm forever grateful.

– Anonymous Patient