Outdoor Teen & Adolescent Developmental Disorders Treatment Center

SUWS of the Carolinas is a life-changing wilderness-based therapy program for children and adolescents who are struggling with developmental disorders. At our wilderness treatment center for troubled teens, we blend traditional clinical treatment modalities with wilderness therapy to empower adolescents and teens to overcome their mood disorders and find lasting recovery.

What are Development Disorders?

Learn More About Developmental Disorders

Developmental disorders are a group of conditions whose onset occurs in the developmental period, and are characterized by developmental deficits such as specific learning limitations, lack of control of executive functioning, under-developed social skills, and impaired intelligence levels. Because of the developmental deficits associated with this group of disorders, a young person with a developmental disorder may often experience impairments in personal, social, academic, or occupational functioning and thus requiring therapy at a treatment center.

At our leading wilderness treatment center, we recognize how distressing it can be to face the many challenges that often accompany developmental disorders, and we have developed a unique therapy methodology that is specifically designed to overcome specific issues that may be affecting a young person’s emotional and psychological growth.

What We Treat

Developmental Disorders We Treat

The Approach Program at SUWS of the Carolinas is a specialized treatment track designed to help adolescents, ages 14-17, who are struggling with specific issues associated with their developmental disorder. Our highly trained, experienced staff members work hard to provide these young people with a variety of different levels of care, which include concrete teaching, skills-based therapy, and experiential therapy. By applying a skills-based curriculum and providing a socially nurturing environment throughout therapy, your child will be able to exceed far beyond his own expectations. Some of the developmental disorders we treat here at our center include:

  • Autism spectrum disorder
  • Asperger’s disorder
  • Pervasive developmental disorders

Why Choose SUWS

Why Consider Treatment at SUWS of the Carolinas

The Approach Program at SUWS of the Carolinas is dedicated to improving the lives of adolescents who are battling social challenges and/or have received a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. If you are asking yourself, “does my child struggle with a development disorder,” the expert team at our center is here to help.

I can't overstate how happy I am. My Son is back to be being the same well-behaved boy that we used to know. Their therapists are amazing and I never thought that I would see such a positive change in him. I feel like I have my family back.

– Anonymous Parent