Outdoor Teen & Adolescent Behavioral Treatment Center

Behavioral health disorders, usually developing in childhood or adolescents, are a group of mental health conditions that have the potential to cause a significant amount of stress in a young person’s life

At our wilderness treatment center for troubled teens, we blend traditional clinical treatment modalities with wilderness therapy to empower adolescents and teens to overcome their behavioral issues and find lasting recovery.

What is a Behavioral Disorder?

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Teens with behavioral disorders will often display chronic patterns of aggression, defiance, disruption, and hostility. Furthermore, the behaviors associated with this group of disorders will often cause problems at home, school, and within interpersonal relationships.

Signs of Behavioral Disorders

Signs of Behavioral Disorders in Teens

Adolescents & teens with behavioral health disorders may frequently throw temper tantrums, be openly defiant, and could end up hurting themselves or others. Additionally, if your son or daughter suffers from a behavioral health disorder, he or she may struggle academically, often resulting in school failure. These troubled teens may also receive disciplinary action at school or get in trouble with law enforcement on a regular basis. If these disorders are not properly treated in adolescents at an accredited treatment center, they have the potential to develop into personality disorders, depression, or bipolar disorder as adults.

At our wilderness treatment center, we recognize that for parents  behavioral health disorders can be in a young person’s life can be very disturbing. Therefore, we offer therapeutic treatment options to adolescents who are struggling with a wide range of issues, including behavioral issues.

Why Choose SUWS

Why Choose SUWS of the Carolinas

SUWS of the Carolinas is an innovative, comprehensive wilderness-based therapy center that is well-equipped to treat adolescents & teens who display behavioral concerns. Our exceptional staff, including Master’s and Doctoral level therapists, has years of experience working with these youth and is dedicated to providing the highest quality of therapy for your child. Some of the behavioral health disorders we treat here at our treatment center include:

  • Aggression
  • Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD)
  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

At SUWS of the Carolinas, we are dedicated to providing our students with life-changing treatment & therapy that lays the foundation for a happy, limitless future. If you are asking yourself, “does my child have a behavioral health disorder?” our leading wilderness treatment center can help.

I am a single mother of a now 17 year old daughter who has been enrolled in two SUWS of the Carolinas programs with tremendous success. Without the aid of these programs she would most likely be in jail and her life would be a terrible mess. The maturity and growth that my daughter has developed and is exhibiting is exciting and so encouraging! For the first time in her life she is experiencing real, personal success in having true friendships and having positive interactions with other kids and authority

– Anonymous Parent