Why We Are a Positive Alternative to Boot Camp

If your child is engaging in disruptive, defiant, or aggressive behavior, you probably feel desperate to help him or her, all while grappling with profound frustration. At SUWS, we are here to provide solutions to allow you, your child, and your family to heal and regain control of your lives.

Love Your Child, Not the Behavior

It is possible to love your child, while not tolerating the behavior.

Through decades of scientific inquiry, researchers have identified what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to overcoming adolescent behavioral challenges. At SUWS, we operate with a relational approach, because building trust within a therapeutic relationship has been demonstrated as the most beneficial way to illicit lasting change. We accomplish this by:

  • Working in partnership with families (i.e. workshops, weekly phone calls, parent seminars, overnight experiences, and family therapy sessions at graduation)
  • Understanding that all behavior has a purpose, and helping children learn to get their needs met in a functional manner
  • Reinforcing positive behavior and building upon “what works”
  • Providing choices throughout treatment to encourage ownership over the recovery process
  • Instilling natural consequences as opposed to contrived punishments
  • Offering personalized treatment planning paced to each individual’s needs

SUWS Approach vs Boot Camp Approach

Why Our Wilderness Program is a Positive Alternative to Boot Camp

If your child has been acting out, you may fear that a respectful and compassionate approach might be too “soft” to achieve results. But think again. In reality, research tells us that interventions like boot camp are ineffective and often backfire. So what does work?

Finding Hope

Finding Hope Through Our Wilderness Treatment

If you are a parent or guardian of an adolescent in crisis, know that you are not alone. The licensed professional staff at SUWS are highly trained in the therapeutic interventions needed to help you and your child on the path to recovery.

Together, we will work to promote emotional learning, self-regulation, healthy communication, teamwork, and accountability. Your child deserves to thrive to potential, and with the help of SUWS, he or she can overcome maladaptive behaviors, and live a healthy, joyful life one again.

Initial connection to the program through the internet and contact with the Admissions team was the key to our decisions to sending our son to SUWS. They made us feel heard and finally not alone with what we were going through as a family

– Anonymous Parent