Meet Our Clinical Staff

Ryan Bell, MS, LCMHC, LCAS-A

Primary Therapist for Bravo Group (boy identifying students ages 14-17)

While engaging from a lens of increasing connection Ryan operates from a framework of mindfulness, person centered counseling, motivational interviewing, and cognitive behavioral therapy. He has extensive experience and a passion for working with adolescents trying to grow and transition into young adults.

During his Master’s program, Ryan completed internships working with the Job Corps program providing services to young men and women striving to better their situation, as well as with the Boys and Girls Club, providing services during their after school program for elementary school children. Upon graduation, he worked in several different treatment settings, including an adolescent boys’ residential program, intensive in-home therapeutic teams, and a School Based Therapist for Asheville High School. All of this experience helps Ryan understand the needs of his students coming into a therapeutic wilderness setting.

While not sitting around fires, laughing at corny jokes, solving riddles, or helping kids learn how to cope with life in the woods, Ryan likes to mountain bike, hike, listen to audiobooks, seek out new friends, and learn how to get out of his own way so he can enjoy life to its fullest!

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