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Katherine “Alice” Cennamo, BS, LCSW, LCAS-A

Primary Field Supervisor for Phoenix Outdoor serving 14-17 year old females

Alice has worked with adolescents in a variety of roles in both back-country and urban settings, including after-school programming, transition coaching, and curriculum development, as well as academic and interpersonal counseling.

She began her career in wilderness therapy as a field instructor in 2011 and has been dedicated to the field of experiential therapy ever since. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Appalachian State University in Psychology, with a concentration in adolescent and addiction counseling, as well as a Master’s degree in clinical social work from Ohio University. She is currently a North Carolina Licensed Clinical Social Worker- Associate.

As a therapist with the SUWS of the Carolinas and Phoenix Outdoor team, she is able to integrate her clinical interests in the addictive process, adolescent value development, and self-reflection through time spent in the wilderness. She believes in a strength-based approach to adolescent identity development and empowerment as an agent for creating change. Alice stresses an emphasis on relation-based therapies, strength-based/positive intention beliefs, and empowering the female population in Phoenix Outdoor. In her work, Alice often calls upon her expertise in Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, CBT, family systems theory, and the intersection of addiction, trauma-informed care, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy’s mindfulness practices.  She utilizes relational and strength-based interventions to empower the young women she works with as they confront their problematic substance use and co-occurring disorders.

In her spare time, she enjoys trail running, identifying local flora, and hiking with her dog.

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The wilderness therapy offered at SUWS was the dynamic solution needed to help my son with his behavioral issues. When my son left SUWS, he was completely changed for the better and also created new bonds and unforgettable memories! I can't recommend SUWS enough for anyone in a similar situation!

– Britney A.