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Meet the caring and compassionate staff of SUWS of the Carolinas, who are dedicated to you and your loved one’s health and wellbeing.

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Ryan Bell, MS LCMHC-A - Primary Therapist Phoenix/Bravo

Ryan began working with adolescents at service based summer camps while completing his B.A. in Criminal Justice 15 years ago.  After a brief stint with Juvenile Detention, Ryan made the choice that would lead him down the winding path that would bring him to SUWS of the Carolinas.  He wanted to be on the proactive side rather than the reactive side of helping kids.  After several years of working with camps, homeless shelters, a boarding school, and other volunteer work, Ryan found his way to the wilderness. He became a Lead Field staff at multiple wilderness therapy companies for several years before continuing on to earn his M.S in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Ryan believes in the power of connection and relationship to bring healing to ourselves and our families.  Rarely will there be a time when the path of healing does not involve connection – C (c)onnection to our emotions, our bodies, our families, and the world around us.  Ryan wishes to challenge the patterns with our families that have been established over the course of our lives to find true and lasting connection, in whatever form that may take. Ryan has training and experience working with trauma, depression, anxiety, anger, and impulsiveness.  While engaging from a lens of increasing connection, Ryan will operate from a framework of mindfulness, person centered counseling, motivational interviewing, and cognitive behavioral therapy.  Ryan has extensive experience and a passion for working with adolescents trying to grow and transition into young adults.

While completing his masters, Ryan completed internships working with the Job Corps program, providing services to young men and women striving to better their situation, as well as with the Boys and Girls club, providing services during their after school program for elementary school children.  Upon graduation, Ryan worked with Intensive in-Home therapeutic teams providing community based mental health services as well as becoming a School Based Therapist for Asheville High School.  Ryan is excited to return to his therapeutic roots in the woods for the summer!

While not sitting around fires, laughing at corny jokes, solving riddles, or helping kids learn how to cope with life in the woods, Ryan likes to mountain bike, hike, listen to audiobooks, seek out new friends, and learn how to get out of his own way so he can enjoy life to its fullest!


The wilderness therapy offered at SUWS was the dynamic solution needed to help my son with his behavioral issues. When my son left SUWS, he was completely changed for the better and also created new bonds and unforgettable memories! I can't recommend SUWS enough for anyone in a similar situation!

– Britney A.

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