Professional Referrals

At SUWS of the Carolinas, we take pride in the relationships that we have developed with other professionals in the field.

When we receive a referral for a prospective student who may benefit from participation in our program, our admissions director or an admissions counselor will follow up with the referral source and with the child’s parents. If our marketing director is contacted with a referral, that referral will be directed to the admissions team as appropriate.

Whenever there is a question regarding a prospective student, we encourage referrals to reach out directly to the admissions department as soon as possible in order to ensure group availability. We gladly accept referrals from any number of various entities, including, but certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Educational consultants
  • Clinical professionals
  • Schools
  • Therapeutic day school programs

Once children and adolescents have become engaged in programming at SUWS of the Carolinas, our staff works diligently with the referral sources so that they can be kept informed and up-to-date of the student’s progress in treatment. Referral sources are involved in weekly calls and/or email updates, as well as transition planning activities, so that a streamlined continuing care process is set in place prior to a student’s graduation from this program.

The wilderness therapy offered at SUWS was the dynamic solution needed to help my son with his behavioral issues. When my son left SUWS, he was completely changed for the better and also created new bonds and unforgettable memories! I can't recommend SUWS enough for anyone in a similar situation!

– Britney A.