Dr. Phil Discusses SUWS

SUWS of the Carolinas Discussed by Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil has researched numerous therapeutic counseling options for families and their teens and has featured SUWS of the Carolinas twice. In each case, Dr. Phil has demonstrated how our program can save families and change lives.

SUWS of the Carolinas Featured on the Dr. Phil Show
On December 1, 2004, SUWS of the Carolinas was featured on the Dr. Phil Show. During the show, Dr. Phil spoke with a mother and her teenaged son Tim about his behavioral problems. Dr. Phil recommended that the boy attend SUWS of the Carolinas.

“I want to send you to a program called SUWS of the Carolinas. It’s a very therapeutic program. It’s designed to help you get off drugs, get you off alcohol, and clear your head and start thinking right about who you are and what you deserve in this life,” Dr. Phil told Tim.

“I believe in you. I believe in who you are. I know that you can be very kind, generous, gentle with your mother, and with other people. I know it is in you. It is not too late. I want to give you a chance to make your life work. And I’m asking you to do this…”

Tim agreed to attend SUWS of the Carolinas, “I believe that it will help.”

Dr. Phil responded, “I’m proud of you, and this is the beginning.”

Wilderness programs for troubled teens are high-impact therapy programs that incorporate hiking, primitive skills, team work, and therapy to help troubled teens learn how to overcome self-defeating behaviors, improve self-esteem and self-confidence, and rejoin their families with a renewed sense of potential.

The typical student at a wilderness therapy program is a teen who is struggling with behavior, emotional issues, or school work. Mother Nature serves as the ultimate teacher, helping teens “get back to basics” and understand the relationship between their actions and consequences, while discovering how capable they are of succeeding and achieving positive outcomes.

The wilderness therapy offered at SUWS was the dynamic solution needed to help my son with his behavioral issues. When my son left SUWS, he was completely changed for the better and also created new bonds and unforgettable memories! I can't recommend SUWS enough for anyone in a similar situation!

– Britney A.