Documentary Features SUWS of the Carolinas

Documentary Features SUWS of the Carolinas on Underage Drinking

Unique wilderness therapy treatment options to help curb underage drinking will be featured on ITV1’s upcoming documentary “Britain’s Youngest Boozers,” airing October 25, 2005.

The treatment therapies are offered by U.S.-based SUWS of the Carolinas, America’s leading provider of therapeutic education programs that improve the quality of life for underachieving children, young adults and their families. The documentary will profile the experiences and successes of a teen sent to SUWS of the Carolinas, a wilderness education program in North Carolina, on the East Coast of the United States. “It was a constant worry of never knowing what was going to happen the next day, because it was very volatile,” said Linda, the mother of Sherrie, one of the teen drinkers featured on the programme.

“If Sherrie lost her temper she would thump the walls, she would break things, she would argue with her siblings and not go to school. We admitted Sherrie to a U.S. wilderness therapy program called SUWS of the Carolinas, where she was immersed in a positive, goal-oriented environment and participated in individual and group therapy. SUWS of the Carolinas nurtured Sherrie and within a month she had blossomed into a more self-confident, happier girl.” “We work with students who typically have self-esteem issues, which are then translated into behavioural or emotional problems such as alcohol and drug use, defiant behavior, or depression,” said Shawn Farrell, senior instructor at SUWS of the Carolinas. “We use the wilderness to challenge teens like Sherrie and to take them out of their comfort zone.

While Sherrie learned wilderness skills, she learned other life-long lessons such as patience, preparation, and problem-solving techniques which she was able to bring back to her home environment in the UK.” “Binge drinking affects young people worldwide,” said Elliot Sainer, chief executive officer. “We’re pleased to participate in a documentary that will raise awareness about teen drinking and the important role the therapeutic education industry plays in saving families and changing lives. This documentary will demonstrate to UK families that there is help and hope available to them.” SUWS of the Carolinas is a licensed wilderness therapy program for students 11 to 17 years of age who are suffering from low self-esteem, family conflict, substance use, defiance issues, attention deficit disorder, and other emotional and behavioural problems.

Utilising outdoor experiences and peer interaction in combination with individual and family therapy, SUWS of the Carolinas helps to positively change the lives of these young people. SUWS programs offer a combination of education and therapy or counseling for young people who have demonstrated behavioural or learning issues that interfere with their performance in school and their relations with peers, family and friends. SUWS of the Carolinas’ offerings range from short-term interventions to long-term programmes, and include a variety of settings, including: wilderness therapy/outdoor education, boarding schools, residential treatment, and weight-loss programmes.

Is SUWS a boot camp? SUWS is a therapeutic wilderness program, an effective and positive alternative to boot camps
Where are you located? SUWS is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina

SUWS of the Carolinas offers wilderness programs for adolescents who are struggling with various challenges, including mental health concerns, substance use, behavioral issues, and autism spectrum disorder. Our expert staff provides developmentally appropriate care to young people in a safe, therapeutic environment. We accept private pay only, but our staff can help develop a detailed financial plan for your family to ensure your child gets the care they need so that they can successfully return to their school and community.

The wilderness therapy offered at SUWS was the dynamic solution needed to help my son with his behavioral issues. When my son left SUWS, he was completely changed for the better and also created new bonds and unforgettable memories! I can't recommend SUWS enough for anyone in a similar situation!

– Britney A.