Objectives at SUWS

SUWS of the Carolinas offers a treatment curriculum designed to support the growth of each student. Each phase of the curriculum carries a specific intention, measurable objectives, and the flexibility to be individualized for each student’s needs. Each phase of the SUWS of the Carolinas curriculum is listed below:

Safety is the first phase, and is focused on physical and emotional well being. Students will receive a physical exam by our doctor, clinical assessments with a licensed therapist, and complete a self assessment. All new students in Safety phase will be under direct supervision at our base camp.

Individual phase focuses on personal responsibility, awareness, and accountability. Students in individual phase practice taking responsibility for their actions. This is a time of quiet reflection. Students learn and practice basic skills of personal safety, fire building, and group participation.

Community phase is focused on communication, working as a team, and building success. In community phase students practice balancing personal needs with group responsibilities. Students become an active member of the group through increased responsibility, and are held accountable by their peers. Students will practice honest communication, conflict resolution, and appropriate social skills. Students practice setting daily goals, and learn to be accountable to their peers and staff for their choices and actions.

Responder phase is focused on consistency, leadership, and the application of new skills. Students demonstrate positive communication skills, initiative in goal setting and problem solving, supporting new or struggling students through sharing what they have learned, and assisting staff with group responsibilities. Students gain confidence through successfully building bow drill fires.

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