Objectives at Phoenix

Phase 1 – Evaluation

Upon enrollment, all students receive a substance abuse assessment, clinical assessment, psycho-social assessment, family assessment, and an evaluation of emotional and behavioral patterns.

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Phase 2 – Acceptance

Many adolescents struggle to accept treatment, and have difficulty recognizing the negative effects drugs and alcohol have had on their lives. Phoenix Outdoor utilizes motivational enhancement techniques to work through this resistance while building trust and effective relationships with students.  Phoenix Outdoor provides licensed therapists, caring staff, comprehensive curriculum, and group support to guide students through the difficult process of accepting help.

Phase 3 – Courage

Overcoming the initial resistance and accepting responsibility takes great courage.  We recognize this success and challenge students to be courageous in exploring deeper issues such as resolving old resentments, addressing any grief or loss, and practicing healthy relationship skills. As students experience success, they will build confidence and begin believing in themselves.

Phase 4 – Wisdom

Students learn through taking action.  We challenge our students to fully engage in the group process and demonstrate consistency with new skills such as leadership, healthy communication, positive relationship skills, and healthy emotional regulation.  Students are accountable to their staff and peers, and practice accepting responsibility for their words and actions.   Daily reflection and feedback provides opportunities for continued growth.

Phase 5 – Phoenix Rising

The final phase provides students with opportunities to mentor their peers and giving back to their community. Leadership qualities such as role modeling, integrity, compassion, and support are essential in testing new recovery skills.  In Phoenix Rising, students prepare to transition from Phoenix Outdoor to the next phase of their lives.

get confidential help now: (828) 489-3198 Email Us