Words from the Woods

Read our newsletters, Words from the Woods, from SUWS of the Carolinas for more information about the variety of services we provide:

February 2017: February Newsletter/a>

January 2017:  SUWS Ladies to Represent at NATSAP Annual Conference & More! 

December 2016: SUWS’s 2016 Highlights 

November 2016: Thanksgiving at SUWS: A Time for Reflection and Self Discovery

October 2016: Seasons Program Welcomes Liz Lucarelli as primary Field Supervisor

September 2016: Taking a Closer Look at the SUWS Family Program

August 2016: Neuro-psychological Education at SUWS of the Carolinas

July 2016: Consistency, Communication, and Education: Key Components to an Effective Clinical Support Team

June 2016: Seasons: Big Steps in Small Boots

May 2016: Phoenix Outdoor: More Than a Unique Treatment Setting

April 2016: Group Alpha: Not to be Underestimated!

March 2016: How We Build Investment and Engage Bravo Students

February 2016: Phoenix Outdoor- What Are We and What Do We Do?

January 2016: More about the Luna Program for girls, ages 14-17

December 2015: SUWS Mentor Makes a Big Impact!

October 2015: Changes in the seasons, Changes at The SUWS

September 2015: The End of Summer at The SUWS

July 2015: Summer Reading Series, The Field Trip: Part Two

June 2015: Summer Reading Series, The Field Trip

May 2015: All Kids Can Succeed! Southeast Conference on Autism

April 2015: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

March 2015: The Use of Therapy Dogs with Autistic Children 

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