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Autism Treatment in the Wilderness

Helping Female Teens Find Their Voice with Trysh Huntington, LMFT



April 2017: Diffusing the Anger Bomb! Exploring Factors and Techniques to Overcome Emotional Disregulation in Pre-Adolescents

January 2016: What’s Attachment Got to Do With It?: Identifying Patterns of Attachment in Clients With Trauma

November 2016: Wild About Play: Utilizing Play Therapy With Middle School Age Clients

October 2016: Molding Minds with Metaphor: Exploring the Use of Metaphor in Adolescent Therapy

September 2016: Parenting in the Slow Lane – How Slowing One’s Emotional Reactions Allows for a More Desired Outcome in Parenting


August 2016 Topic: A Handbook of the Adolescent Brain: A Neuro-developmental Perspective

July 2016 Topic: Serving Transgender Youth, Establishing Safe and Affirming Settings and the Gifts of Wilderness Therapy

June 2016 Topic: Running the Marathon, Clarifying Success for the Pre-Adolescent Client

May 2016 Topic: There is no Miracle Cure! Understanding and Shaping the Role of Family in Adolescent Recovery

April 2016: Treating Level 1 Autism Spectrum Disorder in Adolescents: The Need for More Than Just Talk Therapy

March 2016 Topic: How Parents Can Create Balanced and Effective Home Agreements with Therapeutic Support

February 2016 Topic: Psychological Flexibility- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Dual Diagnosis Adolescents

January 2016 Topic: Reaching the Adopted Child- The power of Presence, Attunement, Resonance, and Trust (PART) in Treating Adopted Kids

December 2015 Topic:  Relational Therapy with Behavioral Clients- A Second Order Paradigm

November 2015 Topic: Stuck in Limbo- 4 Strategies for Engaging Avoidant and Resistant Adolescents

October 2015 Topic: Neuropsychological Educations & the 12 Steps-  Reclaiming a Viable Recovery Option for Adolescents

September 2015 Topic: Breaking Barriers of Communication- How Shared Experiences Provide a Platform for Growth in the Family System

August 2015 Topic: Bouncing Back- How Teaching Resilience to Youth Supports Growth and Adaptability


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