Webinars & Workshops


Understanding Borderline Personality Disorder Through the Lends of Trauma,
Attachment, and Psycho-social Development

An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Approach to Values Driven
Work with Adolescence


In Defense of Friends: Navigating Adolescent Peer Relationships

Diffusing the Anger Bomb! Exploring Factors and Techniques to Overcome Emotional Disregulation in Pre-Adolescents

What’s Attachment Got to Do With It? Identifying Patterns of Attachment in Clients With Trauma

Wild About Play: Utilizing Play Therapy With Middle School Age Clients

Molding Minds with Metaphor: Exploring the Use of Metaphor in Adolescent Therapy

Parenting in the Slow Lane – How Slowing One’s Emotional Reactions Allows for a More Desired Outcome in Parenting

A Handbook of the Adolescent Brain: A Neuro-developmental Perspective

Serving Transgender Youth, Establishing Safe and Affirming Settings and the Gifts of Wilderness Therapy

There is no Miracle Cure! Understanding and Shaping the Role of Family in Adolescent Recovery

How Parents Can Create Balanced and Effective Home Agreements with Therapeutic Support

Psychological Flexibility- Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Dual Diagnosis Adolescents

Neuropsychological Educations & the 12 Steps –  Reclaiming a Viable Recovery Option for Adolescents

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