Alumni Resources

Welcome to the alumni parent portal. All the hard work and effort exhibited during the program has paid off, and now it is time to take your skills to a new stage of life. You join a family of alumni who continue to show compassion and support to others. We hope you will take your successes home and continue to thrive long after your journey at SUWS has come to an end.

We like to stay connected with our extended SUWS family, and encourage you to contact us at any time. Research shows that staying connected to a positive group or experience will aid in achieving long term results in treatment. In this portal, we will highlight some of the ways each family may extend the relationship with SUWS. Ultimately, we wish you every success in your future endeavors, and continue to offer support.

You can find more information about specific aspects of the SUWS alumni network by clicking on the links, below:

  • Mentorship Opportunities: Learn more about how adolescents who graduate from the SUWS programs can be involved and make an impact by participating in our mentorship week.
  • Parent Reference Programs: Our parent reference program provides opportunities for potential families to get into contact with parents who have had a child successfully complete a SUWS program and learn about the experience. Find out how you can join!
  • Submit a Testimonial: If your child or loved one has successfully gone through the SUWS program and he or she is living a happier, healthier life, please leave a testimonial about the positive experience for other parents or concerned relatives to read who are considering SUWS for wilderness therapy.
  • Charitable Opportunities & Special Events: SUWS does more than help countless adolescents in our programs, we also participate in numerous charity and specialized events. Read more about how we’re dedicated to making an impact both within and outside our campus.
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