Expert Treatment in a Wilderness Setting


SUWS of the Carolinas is our primary treatment program and is dedicated to helping children and adolescents who are having difficulties with mental illness and substance abuse concerns.


The Seasons program at SUWS is designed for our younger clients, ages 10-13, who are struggling with a variety of mental health concerns and behavioral issues.


Phoenix Outdoor is a male and female program, whose primary focus is helping adolescents who are battling substance abuse issues and their associated complications.


The Approach program is a male-only program and is dedicated to help adolescents who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and social issues.


The staff was excellent and I have seen an amazing change in my son. I would recommend SUWS to any parent of a child going through a tough time!

- Colleen W.

SUWS of the Carolinas is a Trusted Center for Wilderness & Adventure Treatment for Troubled Teens

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the wilderness programs at SUWS of the Carolinas during this difficult time in your life. Making the decision to send your child to a wilderness-based treatment program can be difficult. We want you to know that our entire staff is ready to help your child achieve a healthy, happy future.

SUWS of the Carolinas has extensive experience helping young people, ages 10-17, and their families work through specific challenges in life. Through the use of the wilderness, in combination with traditional therapeutic methods, we help encourage change in each youth that comes to us for care.

Whether your child or adolescent is struggling with an addiction to alcohol or marijuana, is suffering from the debilitating symptoms of a mental health disorder, such as depression or anxiety, or is trying to overcome the challenges associated with autism spectrum disorders, our team of highly qualified professionals is ready to help. Call our admissions department today. Together we can help your child achieve true healing.